The most experienced engineering team in digital 3D Orthodontics brings you technology and services to start your own digital orthodontics business. IDDOS is Ivy Alumni owned and is part of the Ivy Company which brings together the expertise of over a thousand Ivy League alumni to create innovative solutions for clients.

The IDDOS team has over a decades experience in Digital Orthodontics and Dentistry, having developed the OrthoClear systems and significant part of the invisalign ClinCheck systems.

We provide web design, mobile development and 3d graphics applications for dental field.

Our Products & Services

  • The Digital Web Viewer

    It allows you to view your patientís digital data in 3D in a custom made browser based solution. You send your standard STL files to us and we convert them and optimize them for the web.

  • SmileDental

    It is our implementation of digital web viewer for our joint-venture partner (DVO) It allows dentists to manage patients and treatments. It uses both 3D visualization and 3D PDF technologies to allow the doctor to review the treatments online.

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  • Mobile Apps & Web Sites Development

    We also develop iPhone/iPad apps & Website for niche markets and you can view our portfolio

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